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EPP Foam Plane 90 cm Acroflyer 90 kit

€35.00 €20.00

EPP Foam Plane 90 cm Acroflyer 90 kit

€35.00 €20.00

EPP Foam Plane 107 cm Fenix V-tail trainer Lazertoyz

Span : 90cm

Length : 91 cm

Weight : 225 gram

Flying weight approx 550 gram

The pictures shows the finished product, this is for indication

Real color is visible at the picture of the kit


Only included : 

Foam parts


Aerobatic aircraft intended for aerobatic flying.
It is made of almost indestructible EPP material.
Thanks to the durable design you will be able to fly happily even in the wind. ACROFLYER 90 is capable of many aerobatic flight elements.
Thanks to its sophisticated construction and the materials used, this model can withstand sharp maneuvers, rough handling and minor accidents without serious damage, repairs are very simple. EPP makes the model very durable.
Recommended equipment / not included:
• Engine - Dualsky XM-400 or Emax 2822
• ESC (Electronic Speed Control) - BL-720, 15AX ESC
• Servos - GWS Naro micro servo, HS 55, TP 9 grams
• Propeller - GWS EP 9 X 4.7,
• Battery - Li-Po 1000-1300 mAh, 2-3 Cell