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FMS Plane 2.000mm Span Extra 330 PNP kit FMS109 *


The 2000mm wingspan Extra 330 is one of the biggest EPP foam model ever made by FMS. Designed for 3D aerobatics, it comes with a powerfull 12S motor system and oversized control surfaces.

Known for pushing the limits of R/C, FMS is proud to announce the 2000mm Extra 330- one of the largest production foam aircraft to ever grace the skies.
FMS has committed a significant amount of resources and all of its experience, along with information gathered from its worldwide community of top pilots to ensure that this aircraft would be the pinnacle of R/C aerobatic aircraft. The Extra 330 redefines what a foam aerobatic aircraft can be.
Building on the advanced construction and design of its predecessors, the Extra 330 integrates a strong yet lightweight hollow wing structure, carbon fiber wing spars, carbon fiber landing gear and highly efficient large wooden propellers- which effectively reduce vibrations while being highly efficient. Featuring a monstrous 6880 motor, Predator 90A High-voltage ESC and Predator high-voltage 23kg servos, the Extra 330 will perform any maneuver the pilot thinks of. High speed passes, inverted fight, loops and point rolls are a piece of cake when its powered by the recommended 12S battery.
As the Extra 330 is a large aircraft, FMS’ designers have made the wings and tail surfaces easily detachable- for easy storage or for transportation.
Be the wow factor of your local field with the FMS 2000mm Extra 330!

Key features

  • 6860 Motor, 90A high-voltage ESC (5.5V-8.4V high-low-voltage switching BEC).
  • Predator high-voltage servos (23KG max) with CNC-processed metal servo arms for larger torsion, more rapid response and better 3D performance.
  • Efficient and strong wooden propellers for maximum thrust and reduced vibrations.
  • High-end finish, tried-and-tested sturdiness, carbon fiber landing gear.
  • Hollow-wing.
  • Screw-together construction.
  • Detachable large control surface design.
  • Large battery compartment.


  • Wingspan: 2000mm(78.7in)
  • Overall length: 2005mm(78.9in)
  • Flying weight: - 6000g
  • Motor size: 6860-KV220
  • Wing load: 73.6g/dm2(0.16oz/in2)
  • Wing area: 81.5dm2(1263sq.in)
  • ESC: HV 90A
  • Servo: 75g Servo x 5
  • Recommended battery: 22.2V 4000mAh 35C x2

What you need to complete

  • 2 x 6S 22.2V 4000 mAh 35C LiPo Battery
  • 4-Ch+ radio system
  • Charger

Data sheet

  • Manufacturer : FMS