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Aeronaut Plane Foxx Pylonracer 900mm Span # 135100 ***

€86.00 €77.00

Wingspan [mm] 900

Length [mm] 645

Weight [g] 600

Wing area [dm²] 12

A high top speed is the ultimate attraction for many RC-pilots. Low all-up weight and brushless power combine for a performance that seemed impossible only a few years ago.

FOXX is a powerful speeder with exceptional flight characteristics. The lightweight yet strong construction is almost entirely balsa and promises loads of fun fort he experienced pilot. Due to the model´s high flying speed the FOXX is recommended for experienced pilots only.

The model uses lasercut parts (mostly balsa) for construction, as well as spruce spars and light-ply formers. A 3-channel radio is required to control ailerons, elevator and ESC. For power we recommend inrunners with 2500 k/V or higher and a diameter of 28 mm. Construction is simple and straightforward, employing the techniques used in most modern aero-naut models, and can be completed within a busy weekend.

The kit contains all wood parts required to build the model, small parts bag with control linkage and wing mounting parts, detailed building instructions with graphics and text and decals.

Recommended parts

Motor : KIRA 400-27 (Kontronik)
Battery : 3s LiPo, 2000 mAh
E-prop Carbon 6x5" : Order No. 7229/11
Spinner : Order No. 7258/01-05