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Home » Aeronaut Plane Panther F9F f.Fahrwerk Jet 1090mm Span # 136000 *

Aeronaut Plane Panther F9F f.Fahrwerk Jet 1090mm Span # 136000 *

€594.50 €535.05

Aeronaut Plane Panther F9F f.Fahrwerk Jet 1090mm Span # 136000 *

€594.50 €535.05
  • Wingspan [mm] 1090
  • Length [mm] 1090
  • Weight [g] 1800-2200
  • Wing area [dm²] 17,4
  • RC functions elevator, ailerons, rudder, motor control

The kit:

  • All fiberglass kit
  • Painted in blue color
  • Detailed building instructions and plans (in German and English)
  • Decals

Excluded :

  • Lipo
  • Motor ducted fan with outer diameter 90 mm
  • ESC
  • All the electronics
  • Only the kit
  • Retracts

Designed for the installation of a retractable landing gear The original Even if it is not immediately recognizable: the F9F Panther is one of the classic jet classic cars. It was designed as a first jet work at Grumman from 1945 onwards. The Panther followed in the footsteps of famous cats like Hellcat and Bearcat. The first flight took place in November 1947. The F9F received its baptism of fire in the Korean War, where it primarily served as an earth fighter. The opponent was the Soviet classic MIG 15 at that time. Since the Panther could operate from both land bases and ships, it was flown by both the US Navy and the Marines. The typical characteristics of the Panther F9F include a round fuselage cross-section, the flowing shapes of the jet and the unswept wings with very elegant-looking tip tanks at the wing ends. The model Due to the cat-like supple, but at the same time spacious hull shape, the F9F is ideal for the installation of an electric impeller. Last but not least, because of the large selection, there is a 90 mm impeller (such as aero-naut Turbo Fan 1000). All air ducts are already prepared for this engine diameter. Although the model already achieves above-average flight performance with the appropriate motorization, it is also possible (at its own discretion) to install even larger fan engines (up to approx. 110 mm?). The model is characterized in particular by the following features: highest possible fitting accuracy by using CNC-milled forms. maximum prefabrication due to full GRP construction Air ducts already installed colored surface of the highest quality optimal strength with lowest weight plenty of space for RC installation and batteries (> 20 SubC cells possible) the possibility of later installing a slightly larger engine Good-natured flight behavior despite high performance The installation of a chassis is possible, but not prepared by the manufacturer. Usually the start is made with a "rubber flap". The surfaces are pluggable, but can also be firmly connected to the fuselage due to the compact dimensions of the F9F.