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Home » Aeronaut Plane Pilatus PC21 1130mm Span #136200 *

Aeronaut Plane Pilatus PC21 1130mm Span #136200 *

€969.29 €872.36
Aeronaut Plane Pilatus PC21 1130mm Span #136200 *

Aeronaut Plane Pilatus PC21 1130mm Span #136200 *

€969.29 €872.36
  • Wingspan [mm] 1130
  • Length [mm] 1400
  • Weight [g] 2600
  • Wing area [dm²] 29,7
  • Wing loading [g/dm²] 91
  • RC functions elevator, ailerons, motor control

The full-size PC 21 is one of the world's most modern trainer aircraft, and is designed to cater for the more exacting requirements of military pilot training schools. With a top speed of almost 780 km / hr the machine is very flexible, and can be flown like a modern jet trainer. The turbo-prop engine is the reason for the machine's characteristic long nose. Deliveries of the two-seater only began in 2007.


Our scale model offers an impressively high level of pre-fabrication. With a wingspan of 1130 mm and an overall length of 1400 mm it is a compact model which presents no transport problems. The GRP fuselage is supplied already painted, and only the wing mounting, the motor bulkhead and the tailplane have to be installed by the builder. The one-piece wing is removable, and the fuselage and wing are already completely prepared for the installation of a pneumatic tricycle retractable undercarriage (aeronaut Order No. 7358/52); the captive nuts for this are factory-fitted. The set also includes a precision GRP spinner with aluminium backplate.


The model is designed for a high-performance electric power system. An actro 24-3 motor, in conjunction with a 5-cell or 6-cell LiPo flight battery of 3700 mAh capacity plus an 11 x 8" Cam Carbon Powerprop, provides a high excess of power, enabling the aircraft to fly every imaginable flight manoeuvre. Nevertheless, the model?s flight handling remains docile. The Pilatus PC 21 is intended for experienced pilots, but with a take-off weight of around 2700 g (with a 6-LiPo pack) its take-off and landing characteristics are straightforward. The cockpit is prepared for scale fittings, and a decal sheet is provided as standard..


Set contents:

  • Comprehensive illustrated assembly instructions
  • GRP fuselage
  • GRP wing
  • Canopy
  • Cockpit fittings set and dummy exhausts
  • GRP cowl
  • GRP spinner
  • GRP tailplane
  • Decal sheet