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Car Offroad Dragon Hammer V2 PNP kit 36cc 1/5 FIDDHV2-PNP **

€1,635.00 €1,570.00

The Dragon Hammer is the first of it's kind. It is the first 1/5 truck comingt with a solid rear axle.

A real scale inspired four link suspension, huge 235 mm long shocks, everything is made to go acrosse any surface.

The front suspension offers long travel with 185 mm log shocks and gull wing design gives more ground clearence.

It also comes with three alloy diff cases. The front and rear diffs comes with helical cut gears for a smoother and stronger mesh.

The new FID's off-road tyres arre efficient on nearly all surfaces : gravel, grass, muck and dirt, snow...

The V2 7075 alloy turnbuckles offers more front ground clearence, while V2 caster blocks are much larger and are using larger bearings.

This kit comes as a PNP kit, with the 36 cc gasoline engine and its performance pipe, and two 70 kg.cm servos.

Specs : 

  • Length:931.6mm
  • Wheelbase:616.5mm
  • Front tire track:449.2mm
  • Rear tire track:443.4mm
  • Max speed:75km/h
  • Big chassis: 5mm 6061-T6
  • 7mm Thick Shock Shafts
  • 235mm Long CNC Alloy Bodied Rear shock Absorbers(225mm Hole to Hole)
  • 185.5mm Long CNC Alloy Bodied Front shock Absorbers (175mm Hole to Hole)
  • 61 Tooth Steel Main Spur Gear
  • 20 Tooth Steel Pinion Gear
  • Fuel tank capacity:750ml
  • Body shell: CLEAR, With 2 Full Livery Sticker Sheets
  • Alloy front/middle/rear differential gear box
  • Off-Road tyres:179x75mm
  • More than half parts are alloy parts
  • RTR Net weight:18.5kg Gross weight:24kg


Needed to complete : 

  • Tx & Rx
  • Rx battery


  • Fabrikant : FID Racing

Spareparts list : 


Please contact us for more info about those spare-parts