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RBC Warbird Dornier Do 335 BIY 1.393mm Span kit #DO3R1VRW3 **

€225.90 €202.00

Dornier Do 335 BIY RBC kits
While it's namesake, "Anteater" was never known for it's flying ability, the Do 335 is famous for being one of the most spectacular, unusual, and powerful aircraft of WW II.

The Do 335 was built as an in-line, twin engine Diamler-Benz 603 powered aircraft with 3450 HP available at takeoff. With a tractor propeller in front and pusher propeller in the back, this push/pull configuration was an enormously powerful combination whose horsepower was not approached by any other WW II fighter aircraft with a piston engine. Top speed of the DO 335 Anteater was 730 Km/h (453 MPH) so it was incredibly fast too.

The maiden flight of the prototype of the Do 335 was on October 26, 1943. Shortly there after it went into production and it was produced in several different variations such as a fighter, fighter-bomber, reconnaissance, and night fighter. It was built in two versions a single seat “Pfeil” or Arrow, and a two seat “Anteater”. However, due to the war only a few copies of the aircraft were actually completed. Today, the last original full scale Do 335 can be seen at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, USA.

Dornier Do 335 Model Airplane
Now, RBC offers the ambitious modeler the opportunity to build this extraordinary aircraft, and just as the original, with two motors! The model has a wingspan of 1393 mm and a length of 1415 mm and can be built with retractable gear (optional) to complete the look of the full-scale aircraft. With a 3 stack LiPo battery, the flying weight of the model is about 3.1 kg.

The twin drive system and the aerodynamic design of the DO 335 Anteater from RBCkits not only has impressive flight characteristics, but it will really stand out at the flying field from all other “ordinary” models.

You can build the model as a single seat version. The kit has 1 canopy.

Check out the movie from Edward Fenner here
The kit contains:

  • CNC cut wood parts
  • vacuum formed plastic parts
  • No hardware as hinges linkages etc 
  • full scale plan


  • Wing Span 1393 mm
  • Length 1415 mm
  • Flying Weight ca. 3100 g
  • Drive set (2) Himax Order No. HC3516.1130
  • (Not included)
  • Prop (2) APC Thin Electric 10 x 7
  • Order No. AP.311070 (Not included)
  • Controls Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons, Flaps and Motors

This product has to be build complete, many handwork needed. Any experience in building and flying RC planes or RC boats is required.

This producs containts only the kit (wooden parts), pictures showing the already build version incl all options :
Not included :

  • All the needed hardware
  • All the electronics
  • Battery
  • Transmitter
  • Servo's
  • Gear
  • Landing gear / wheels
  • Canopy
  • Tank
  • Control Horns , Steering Cables,etc
  • Decals

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