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RBC Funflyer Wiggo Short kit 900mm Span kit # WIGD9WEG11 **


Short kit for the RCM Wiggo RBC kits
From Max Zuijdendorp

Cnc cut parts to make the Wiggo
Including the vaccumformed motor Cowl

You need to supply

For Cutting:

  • 1x 1,5 mm balsa 1000x100
  • 1x 3 mm balsa 500x100


  • 2x 8x3 mm balsa 810 (Wing Mainspars)
  • 1x 8x8 mm balsa 810 (Wing Leading edge)
  • 8x 4x4 mm balsa 400 (Wing stringers)
  • 6x 6x6 mm balsa 1000 (diverse)
  • 2x 12x6 mm balsa 1000 (diverse)

2x  3 mm dia. Spring steel 265 (landing gear)
1x 1.5 mm spring steel 500 (tail wheel and controls)

piloot, some pvc for window.
wheel collars 4x 3 mm, 2x 1,5 mm

  • The cnc cut pack contains:
  • 3 sheets balsa 3mm
  • half sheet balsa 6mm
  • sheets of cnc cut 3mm poplar ply
  • cnc cut 1,5mm aircraft grade ply for
  • Landing gear and steering arms
  • Vacuumformed motor cowl


This product has to be build complete, many handwork needed. Any experience in building and flying RC planes or RC boats is required.

This producs containts only the kit (wooden parts), pictures showing the already build version incl all options :
Not included :

  • All the needed hardware
  • All the electronics
  • Battery
  • Transmitter
  • Servo's
  • Gear
  • Landing gear / wheels
  • Canopy
  • Tank
  • Control Horns , Steering Cables,etc
  • Decals

For additional info go to RBC Kits