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USB plane Ready to fly (random color)


USB plane Ready to fly (random color)


Leuk sinterklaaskado











Color : Random color

Amount : 1 piece 

(the picture shows more models for indication)

Simple design, durable foam, easy to assemble and fly, very interesting, illuminating any child's flying dreams

Anti-drop,: PP board material and added protection on both sides of the EPP board for the aircraft head. Plastic bandages can also be added to double the motor, wire and capacity

Detailed description:
USB smart machine interface access, can be used for household electric direct charge, can also charge treasure direct charge, convenient and fast, one charge for 2 hours, sustainable flight about 20-30 times (according to the manufacturer it was 50 times, but we've tested with a max of 20-30 times within one battery)

Rear-mounted screw propulsion device ensures power and better protects aircraft from damage

Upgraded version of the two-wing card slot, fixed wing ensures flight stability

Material: EPP foam
Dimensions: Upper wing length 29CM, body length 28CM, lower wing length 22.5CM
Packing: Color box
Material: EPP foam
Power: Rear spiral propulsion
Energy interface: USB interface

Rotating the propeller can grab your skin instead of touching it.

We tested this type of plane with our team. The CG (center of gravity) was not right, therefore it's advisable to mount an aditional screw in the nose of the plane in order to get the correct CG. Before testing it with motor, please make a testflight without motor. If it flies straight forward, it's ok, otherwise please adapt the screw. The screw is not included in this package

If the plane does not fly properly, you can lower the motor while pushing it slightly on the back. Feel free to experiment this plane and learn to make some adaptions in order to let it fly perfectly.

Package includes: 1X Foam aircraft, 1X USB

If you have any questions about this product, don't hesitate in contacting us via e-mail.